[Tutorial] Install neofetch after iPhone4S jailbreak

About neofetch

The introduction on Github is:

A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+

installation method

1. Compile and install

Prepare the compilation environment

Search and add the following command line packages in Cydia (all support iOS6+)

  • Gawk
  • Wget (for downloading the source code)
  • Make


Download source code

Open the terminal and enter


The default password is:


After entering the root user, enter:

wget https://sources-1259155313.cos.ap-shanghai.myqcloud.com/neofetch-7.1.0.tar.gz

But it will not be able to download due to SSL problem. The simplest method is to replace https with http.

wget http://sources-1259155313.cos.ap-shanghai.myqcloud.com/neofetch-7.1.0.tar.gz

After downloading the source code, unzip it and enter:

 tar -zxvf neofetch-7.1.0.tar.gz

Unzip the source code.
Then cd into the neofetch directory:

cd neofetch-7.1.0

At last

   make install

Finally enter:


That's it!

2. Install directly

I put the compiled neofetch directly in my personal source, you only need to add the source of this site (http://apt.zkxblog.xyz), search for neofetch and install it.

Link to this article: